Town of Belmont, New Hampshire
Town of Belmont
New Hampshire
Town of Belmont, New Hampshire
Town of Belmont
New Hampshire

Nelson Court

Nelson Court

The 2010 PlanNH Charrette suggested that the former Northway Bank building be razed to create an central open air area between the existing Mill, Library, Sgt Park and proposed relocated Gale School serving as Town Offices.  

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2016 The Belmont Board of Selectmen continue to obtain cost estimates from contractors to convert the former Northway Bank building located at 154 Main Street and now owned by the Town into a community recreation center.

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Public Works Facility

The Town commenced construction on a new 9,040sf Public Works Facility at 149 Hurricane Road in 1999.

It was completed in 2000 and the former Public Works Garage on Sargent Street was vacated and subsequently demolished.

In 2003 a 4,000sf enclosed salt shed was constructed. This project provided extra protection to the water quality of the underlying stratified drift aquifer.



Veterans Memorial Park

Memorial Park 2011 - Staff Photo

Memorial Park 2011 - Staff Photo

In 2003 Alan Bartlett with an investment of more than 250 hours constructed the Veterans' Memorial adjacent to the Mill as an Eagle Scout project and in 2004 achieved the Rank of Eagle Scout. 



PlanNH 2011 Concept


2010    The 2010 PlanNH Charrette identified the Memorial as a cornerstone of the Village core revitalization.


Concept 04-11-12

Relocation of the Park would provide a more prominent and permanent placement.




5/27/13    Members of Belmont Boy Scout Troop 65 played a prominent role in the rededication of the Veteran's Memorial by former Eagle Scout Alan Bartlett.  Rededication of scout-built memorial highlights holiday in Belmont Daily Sun 5/27/13

Veterans Monument

The Veteran's Monument was erected to honor those soldiers who fought for the country and was donated by Moses Sargent, Jr. in 1919, costing him $5,000.

The dedication of the monument reads as follows, "Dedicated to the men and women of Belmont who served in the Wars of this Country and in memory of the following who made the supreme sacrifice Herbert A. Prescott WWI, Phillip O. Swain WWII, Ernest B. Piper WWII, Steven C. Santy Vietnam, Arthur M. Hackett WWII, Harliegh C. Brown WWII, Leo J. Rolfe Korean, and John J. Moynihan Air Force."  Postcard History Series Belmont Diane M. Marden with the Belmont Historical Society

Monument Reconstruction 

2011    As part of the 2011 Church Street reconstruction the 1919 Belmont Veterans' Monument was raised and given a much more appropriate surrounding.  The Monument is the focal point of the Belmont Memorial Day commemoration. 
Legion Post Thanks Town for Work on Veterans Monument  Citizen 10/12/11