Town of Belmont, New Hampshire
Town of Belmont
New Hampshire
Town of Belmont, New Hampshire
Town of Belmont
New Hampshire

Roads, Parking & Sidewalks

Given the extremes of New England weather along with Belmont's placement at both North & South and East & West Corridors, there are always projects in the planning, funding and construction phases for roads, parking and sidewalk work on both Town and State Highways.

Please use caution and have patience when encountering construction workers and equipment.  These improvements will ultimately make your travel within Belmont safer and more pleasant.

Please address questions and comments related to Town projects to the Town Administrator's office.

Church Street

Church Street
2012  The Tioga bridge crossing the Tioga River was closed in August due to a recommendation by the State Department of Transportation after performing a routine inspection on August 23, 2012.  It was determined that the steel culvert had severe corrosion due to rust.

Bridge in Belmont reopens after 3-month closure  Union Leader 11/27/12
Tioga Bridge again open to motorists  Citizen 11/24/12
Tioga Bridge repair delayed because of incoming hurricane  Citizen 10/27/12
Repairs to Tioga Bridge delayed due to rainy weather  Citizen 10/16/12
Weather delays Belmont bridge work  Union Leader 10/16/12
Church Street Bridge could re-open by Thanksgiving  Winni Echo 9/13/12
Belmont approves Church Street bridge repair  Citizen 9/19/12
Tioga Bridge repair options to be discussed at next selectmen's meeting  Citizen 8/29/12
Safety concerns force State to close off Belmont bridge  Union Leader 8/28/12

Concord Street & Laconia Road (Route 106) Intersection

Concord Street and Laconia Road Intersection Improvements

2010  The design of this intersection was allowing vehicles to exit Laconia Road onto Concord Street in a unsafe manner.  A design including pavement widening and the installation of an island was approved by the State of NH.  The construction occurred as part of the Laconia/Gilmanton Roads intersection improvements and was funded by the State of NH.

Depot Street - South Road

Jamestown Road Intersection Improvements - NH DOT Project

10/26/16  An update on this project.  NH DOT reports today that upgraded signage as well as brush/tree clearing is complete.  Repaving this section of Rte 140/Depot Street by NH DOT is scheduled for the 2017 construction season.

06/16/15  Safety improvements at the intersection of Route 140 and Jamestown Road will be made by DOT. Construction is scheduled for late 2016.  Citizen 06/16/15

04/07/15  DOT moving forward with reduced scope safety improvements to include new warning signs, a sight line easement and rehabilitation of the Rte 140 pavement.  Citizen 04/07/15

NH Route 140 Corridor Study Lakes Region Planning Commission 2013

08/16/12  Input sought on intersection improvements in Belmont  Citizen 8/6/12

Depot/Main Streets

(Rte 140) Intersection Improvements - NH DOT Project

2014  Selectmen Request NH DOT Repair Intersection

Photo Tim Camerato/Citizen.  State Senator Andrew Hosmer, left, speaks with Lt. Richard Mann, center, and Selectman Chair Ruth Mooney about the Route 140 and Main Street intersection on Monday.

Belmont Selectmen meet with State Senator Andrew Hosmer and have petitioned NH Department of Transportation to repair pavement at the intersection of Depot Street (NH Route 140) and Main Street.  

Belmont wants DOT to deal with giant pothole at key intersection  Daily Sun 7/12/14
Sen. Hosmer gets involved in Main Street intersection problems   Citizen 7/15/14
Belmont Officials ask Hosmer for help with huge pothole on Rte 140   Daily Sun 7/15/14

Depot & Main Streets

Gilmanton Road (Rte 140)

Commencing on April 5, 2017, through June, 2017, CWS Fence & Guardrail will be replacing substandard cable and beam guardrail along NH Route 140 (Gilmanton Road, Main Street & Depot Street).  Please use caution while driving in these areas.

Historical Highway Markers

See information on Historical Highway Markers located in Belmont on our History page.

Hoadley Road Bridge (Culvert) Replacement

04/22/16   The Selectmen have approved the issuance of bonds to be financed by Northway Bank for 10 years at 2.9%.  Belmont Selectmen make road decisions this week  Citizen 4/22/16

04/05/16   Belmont Selectmen Approve Road Project Bid   Citizen

03/23/16   Belmont Culvert Price Now Under $300,000   Daily Sun

03/01/16  Bids for the Hoadley Road bridge (culvert) replacement were recently opened.  An award will occur after Town Meeting.

Jefferson Road

Meeting Notice 11/3/14

Jefferson Road area map 11/3/14

Belmont tells some lakeside homeowners that their roads are private & plowing & maintenance will end  Union Leader 8/9/13

Ladd Hill Road Improvement Project

4/29/1017  Ladd Hill Phase 3

It is anticipated that the Ladd Hill Phase 3 project will begin mid-June. The project has been awarded to Busby Construction and a pre-construction meeting will be held in early May. This is the final phase of this project and we appreciate everyone’s patience over the past three years while we undertook this project. Over the course of the next few months the Board of Selectmen will be reviewing the Road Assessment Plan prepared in 2007 for updates. Stay tuned to our discussions by following us on Facebook and our website at

4/22/2016  Ladd Hill Road Phase 2 project is awarded to G. W. Brooks of Freedom in the amount of $496,378. Money to come from town's Road Construction Capital Reserve fund.  Project consists mainly of drainage improvements.  Belmont Selectmen make road decisions this week  Citizen 4/22/16

4/1/2016    Project bid opening scheduled for April 5th at 1pm.

2016  Phase 2 of the Ladd Hill Road project should be bid within the next few weeks.

2015  Phase II will be engineered during 2015.  The area to be encompassed is yet to be determined.

2014  Phase 1 of the Ladd Hill Road project was completed during 2014.  

Laconia Road (Rte 106)

Perkins Road to Laconia Town Line - NH DOT Project #40423

Major road reconstruction is underway on Route 106 between Belmont and Laconia. This phase of the work will take several weeks with an estimated completion date of October 27th.  Expect lane shifts and one-way alternating traffic.  Stay Alert!

8/10/17  The paving crew began putting down the base layer on Route 106 yesterday morning.
(Karen Bobotas/for The Laconia Daily Sun)

Paving Begins on Route 106  Daily Sun 8/10/17

In addition to the ramp work, final paving and line striping of five miles of NH 106, from just north of Perkins Road in Belmont to the intersection of South Main Street in Laconia, will begin Tuesday. Sept. 5. This work will take several weeks to complete. Daily Sun 8/26/17

8/2/17  Starting today several weeks of extensive roadway reconstruction will begin on NH 106 (Laconia Road) in Belmont and onto the Bypass.  Drivers in Belmont will, at times, experience one-way alternating traffic and detours via Brown Hill Road and Farrarville Road. This project will result in significant improvements for turning traffic at Seavey and Brown Hill Roads.

4/4/17  Motorists traveling on two prime routes in the Lakes region will encounter some travel lane shifts and delays as work resumes on the rehabilitation of Route 106 in Belmont and Laconia and a section of the Laconia Bypass.  The work includes overhauling two bridge spans — one on Route 106 built in 1964 that spans Laconia Bypass and the 54-year-old Laconia Bypass bridge over Route 107 — according to Chuck Flanders of NHDOT’s Construction Bureau.


Motorist using these routes will encounter realigned highway striping, concrete Jersey barriers, orange traffic control barrels and safety cones. Electronic message boards, traffic flaggers and uniformed police officers will be used intermittently to keep traffic flowing through the construction zone.

One notable change drivers will encounter is along the 5.5-mile northsouth stretch of the Laconia Bypass. Due to the shifting of lanes, on-ramp traffic will now encounter a stop sign at the end of the ramp. Requiring ramp traffic to stop will let motorists more safely enter Laconia Bypass while lanes are shifted, said NHDOT spokesman Bill Boyton. Busby Construction of Atkinson is the general contractor for the $7.2 million project to be completed shortly before Halloween, according to the contract.  Union Leader 4/4/17

07/11/16 - Work on the subject project was started by Busby Construction Co., Inc. on July 11, 2016. This notice does not mean that the Contractor has started major work, only that they are on site. Major work will not be allowed until the requirements as noted in 108.03 Pre-Construction Activities have been satisfied and any other permits or approvals are received. NH DOT

04/05/16 - The scope of this project is to improve the riding surface and pavement structural capacity to match current traffic loading.  The project was combined with a second Highway Safety Improvement Project to add turn lanes at Seavey Road and was also broadened to include shoulder widenings at the Brown Hill Road intersection at the request of the Town. Although more extensive shoulder widening is beyond the scope and intent of this project, the project will re-establish a full effective shoulder width in other areas providing through vehicles the opportunity to pass a turning vehicle and provide sufficient width for other users of the highway (bikes, joggers, etc.).  This will also provide a stable surface for sudden evasive maneuvers.  

12/04/15 - NH DOT is in the planning stages for their Transportation Project Belmont Laconia 40423.  This project will address deficiencies on Rte 106 from just north of Perkins Road, north to just south of Grant Street in Laconia as well as a section of the NH Route 11 Bypass.

The project proposes various pavement treatments, shoulder leveling and extending, guardrail and drainage improvements and rehabilitation of three bridges within the project area.  Very exciting for our community are the proposed improvements to the Brown Hill Road intersection which the Town has been requesting for several years.  Those improvements would include a northbound right hand turn and southbound bypass shoulder greatly improving safe access for traffic accessing to and from Brown Hill Road.

The tentative advertising date for the project is March 22, 2016.

Road reconstruction on Route 106 at Bypass will mean one-way traffic starting tomorrow  Daily Sun 8/2/17
NH DOT - Project Work Resumed  Daily Sun 4/4/17
Road projects slow traffic along Bypass and Route 106  Daily Sun 9/15/16
Road reconstruction leaves a mile of Route 106 as dirt surface  Citizen 9/16/16
Route 106 paving planned through at least Thursday  Daily Sun 9/19/16
Major road reconstruction scheduled for Route 106 between Belmont, Laconia 9/8/16 Citizen
Route 106 road work begins this week  Sun 7/19/16
Belmont Selectmen upset at decision of DOT not to widen shoulders along a part of Route 106  Daily Sun 6/7/16
Prepare for road work - Route 106 and Route 3 Bypass to be improved this summer  Daily Sun 2/24/16 

Laconia Road (Rte 106 & Seavey Road Intersection Improvements - NH DOT Project #16203

 Contact: Michael Dugas, Project Manager
 Address: NH DOT
John O. Morton Building
7 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH
 Phone: 603-271-2604


12/4/2015  BELMONT/Laconia Daily Sun — Reconstruction of the intersection of state Route 106 and Seavey Road is among at least seven highway and bridge projects in New Hampshire that will be funded by five-year highway trust fund bill, which U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen said yesterday Congress is expected to approve as early as this week.

Speaking to the press by telephone yesterday, Shaheen said that the bill is the first to provide long-term federal funding for road and bridge construction since 2003 and ensures funding that will enable state officials and private contractors to schedule and complete projects.

The improvements at the intersection of Route 106 and Seavey Road include widening Route 106 to provide turning lanes for both north and southbound traffic entering Seavey Road and widening Seavey Road from 26 feet to 40 feet, as well as configuring the junction for vehicles turning onto Route 106 to accommodate school buses and box trucks.

Rte 106 in Belmont to be Widened, Thanks to Federal Bill   Daily Sun 12/4/15
Belmont's Seavey Road Intersection Project Receives Funding  Citizen 12/4/15


The NH DOT proposes to alter NH Route 106 (Laconia Road) intersection with Seavey Road by widening and with the addition of turning lanes.  The improvements include:

1.  Widening Seavey Road at the intersection to accommodate bus traffic
2.  Adding a right-turn lane into Seavey for south-bound traffic
3.  Adding a left-turn lane into Seavey for north-bound traffic
4.  Replacing the 36” culvert under Seavey 
5.  Project scheduled to be done in conjunction with Rte 106 paving - tentatively bidding 2016.
6.  No town funds are required.

Statement of Project and Project Map - April 29, 2014 Public Hearing

NH DOT Presents Route 106/Seavey Road Plans Laconia Citizen  4/29/14
Support Expressed for Addition of Dedicated Turn Lanes at Rte 106 & Seavey Road. Laconia Daily Sun 4/30/14  
Commission to Vote on Rte 106/Seavy Road Project Laconia Citizen 7/17/14
Commission Approves 106/Seavey Road Project  Laconia Citizen 7/26/14

Laconia Road (Route 106) and Gilmanton Road (Route 140) Intersection

2010   In 2010 this intersection, which is a primary regional north/south and east/west intersection as well as the primary access to the Village, was improved in a cooperative project with the NH DOT and the Town of Belmont.  The intersection was widened adding turning lanes and complete resignalization.  The Town replaced water lines within the disturbed area.  Proposed DOT sidewalks were extended by the Town to run southwesterly to the existing sidewalks on Main Street and easterly to the Belmont Elementary School.  This reconfiguration has eliminated the long backup/wait times for eastbound traffic that previously occurred at this site.

Laconia and Gilmanton Road Upgrades

Mill Street

Belmont selectmen consider making some downtown roads one-way Citizen 5/7/13


2011  During the Village Revitalization Project the Town regulated and reassigned existing Village parking and constructed an additional 40 spaces to facilitate customer parking for Village businesses, access to the Town Offices and off-site residential parking needs.  The project included the enactment of a Village parking ordinance and appropriate signage and pavement markings. 
Police Newsletter 7/11

Belmont Selectmen Approve Parking Plan with Some 1-hour Spots  Daily Sun 6/7/11

Belmont Looking at Adding as Many as 30 Downtown Parking Spots  Daily Sun 5/3/11

Rte 3/11 Bypass

1962  Legislators handed a setback  Citizen 5/26/12


Belmont High School Sidewalks
2011 A project which included a sidewalk from Main Street to the High School entrance on Church Street and the reconstruction of Church Street and Monument Square.  
Belmont residents get details of project that will improve Church Hill Road & pave sidewalk to BHS.  Daily Sun 12/7/10


Belmont Elementary School Sidewalks
2009 This project included a sidewalk from Main Street to the Elementary School.

Union Road

4/22/16   As part of the town's ongoing pavement preservation program leveling and paved overlay of about 18,000 feet of Union Road is proposed at a cost of about $328,000.  The money for the project comes from the existing Road Reconstruction Capital Reserve Fund.  Work is expected to start later this summer.

Wareing Road

04/01/16    Project bids have been received and are currently under review by our Engineering firm for award.  The success of this project will remove the majority of large truck traffic from Main Street. Removing such traffic after the Town's recent Village upgrades will improve the longevity of the road surface and protect the taxpayers' investment.  Trucks entering and leaving Parent Sand & Gravel will be restricted to using Wareing Road to Route 106 under the conditions applied by the Planning Board.

08/24/16   Belmont selectmen approve paving short stretch of Wareing Road   Citizen

04/06/16    Belmont Selectmen Approve Wareing Road Project Bid  Citizen

03/25/16    The paving of Belmont's Wareing Road brings some objections from residents  Daily Sun

09/04/15    Belmont Supports Parent Sand & Gravel access on Wareing Road  Daily Sun