Town of Belmont, New Hampshire
Town of Belmont
New Hampshire
Town of Belmont, New Hampshire
Town of Belmont
New Hampshire

Gale School


Restoration and Repurposing Efforts

A continuing effort has been made to restore and repurpose this structure. Visit the "Save Our Gale School" website for more information on the history and future of this building.


Belmont's Gale School receives LCHIP grant  Daily Sun 12/8/18
Belmont's Gale School added to state register of historic buildings  Daily Sun 8/22/18
Efforts to Save Gale School continue as structure gets historic designation  Daily Sun 9/25/18
Saving Gale School a Priority after loss of Hathaway House  Daily Sun 4/3/18
Belmont's Gale School preservation effort hits milestone; now the heavy lifting begins  Elizabeth Frantz, Monitor staff, Concord Monitor 3/22/18 (Article & Photos)




Now, finding a new home for Gale School will be a monumental undertaking Sun 3/20/18
School District Ballot Results
Voting "yes" on both Gale School warrant articles is the right thing to do Daily Sun 3/9/18
Please support sale of Gale School for $1; this is our last chance  Daily Sun 3/3/18
Fate of Gale School at hand in Shaker deliberative session Feb.7  Daily Sun 1/30/18

Effort to save historic Gale School gains ground  Union Leader 11/17/17
Two Lakes Region Properties make Seven To Save list  Daily Sun 11/1/17
Gale School preservation group wins bid to save building  Daily Sun 10/26/17
As sole bidder, Save Our Gale School Committee is ready to act  Daily Sun 10/20/17 
Attorney reviewing Gale School proposal  Daily Sun 5/12/17
No sale-Shaker Regional school attorney shoots down Gale School land donation  Daily Sun 4/6/17
Attorney James O'Shaughnessy March 10, 2017 Letter
Questions surround Gale School's future home  Daily Sun 3/30/17
Gale School advocates chafe at delays in moving building Daily Sun 3/2/17
Shaker schools seek the public's help with strategic plan Daily Sun 3/1/17


Gale School Survives Shaker School District Meeting  Daily Sun 3/7/16
Gale School Saved from Destruction  Citizen 3/7/16
Shaker Voters to decide the future of a piece of Belmont's past  Winni Echo 2/25/16
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Gale School to come before voters in three different warrant articles Daily Sun 2/8/16

Gale School preservationists appeal to alumni for support  Union Leader 2/17/19
Save our Gale School committee submits last-minute plan to Shaker School Board  Daily Sun 2/19/15

Decision to not seek grant comes as a surprise in Belmont  Union Leader 3/23/14
Fate of Belmont's historic Gale School remains in doubt  Union Leader 12/29/14

Group suggests new use for Gale School Citizen 9/12/13
Gale School eligible for National Register of Historic Places  Union Leader 8/28/13

Gale School question back on Shaker/Belmont radar screen  Daily Sun 11/9/12


2010 Charrette 

The 2010 Plan NH Charrette discussed the status of the existing Town Offices and the proposal to move the Gale School into the Village Center for use as Town Offices.


The Charette proposal begins by moving the Gale School to the site south of the library to become the new Town Offices.



2006   Belmont Residents Try to Save Gale School  Union Leader 9/23/06


1993 National Register  

In 1993 the Gale School was determined to be eligible for the National Register of Historical Places.  It is one of Belmont's most architecturally significant buildings. 2010 Charrette