Town of Belmont, New Hampshire
Town of Belmont
New Hampshire
Town of Belmont, New Hampshire
Town of Belmont
New Hampshire

River Walk and Village Spur Rail Trail


At the recent deliberative session Conservation Commission Chairman presented Mr. Woody Fogg with tokens with the Town's appreciation for his outstanding work on the Village Rail Spur Trail Bridge. More...


Eliminate the fences, don’t allow horses, and erect two rugged posts 14 inches apart. George Corliss proposed that simple solution as an alternative to the complex and expensive plan the Belmont Conservation Commission had come up with to address concerns about how people, horses, and cattle would interact on the Village Rail Spur Trail. By also including signs warning hikers that they may encounter cattle on their trek, those afraid of cows would be forewarned, he said. Thomas P. Caldwell Daily Sun

No horses, no fences are solution for Belmont Village Rail Spur Trail Daily Sun 4/11/18


Second Crossing Bridge Set in Place


The second of two covered bridges across the Tioga River is now in place, thanks to the efforts of a team of volunteers that has devoted countless hours to project over the last 10 years. The second bridge is located west of Great Brook Village and connects to the Belmont Village Spur Rail Trail which, for 40 years (1889-1929), provided railroad service to Belmont Village. The bridge provides a link to a largely overlooked element of the town’s past and is part of an ongoing project to establish hiking and biking trails along the former spur line as part of a Belmont  Village revitalization effort.  Roger Amsden, Daily Sun

Bridging Belmont Daily Sun 2/17/18

Final sections of covered bridge put in place in Belmont  Winni Echo 3/1/18
Installation of second pedestrian bridge complete  John Koziol Union Leader 2/21/18

Video of the 2nd Crossing Bridge Placement Takes you to YouTube
Photos of placement of the 2nd Bridge pdf


John Koziol Union Leader


BELMONT 2017 —New Hampshire Executive Councilor Joseph Kenney toured several sites and trails in the central part of the state last Friday to get an update on current recreational programs and progress being made for conservation and outdoor opportunities. Along the way, he even stepped a bit out of his own district’s boundaries to visit trails being developed in Belmont village.  Read More 
Photo and Article by DONNA RHODES Winnisquam Echo 9/21/17  New Hampshire’s District One Executive Councilor, Joe Kenney (far left), met with Belmont Town Planner Rick Ball (second from left) and other state officials last Friday for a tour of the trails and recreational opportunities now available or in the developmental stages in Belmont Village.


Belmont High School principals lead their students in a charge up the Tioga River  Daily Sun 6/16/16
Belmont High School Students and American Legion 58 Post Members cut brush and clear debris.  Citizen 6/1/16 


Dover Trail Bridge "Moves" to Belmont


On Tuesday, December 8, 2015, a section of the bridge was placed over the Tioga River behind the Belmont Mill. The bridge section was moved from the Belmont Highway Department to the site and placed across the river by Leslie E. Roberts, LLC (Mark Roberts and sons). Volunteers have been working at the site since early fall to prepare it for the bridge placement. Two additional sections will be put in place at a second crossing in the future. 

Tales of "Slippery Rock"

December, 2015 - Do you have stories about "Slippery Rock" located behind the Belmont Mill?
During the placement of the bridge we heard numerous stories regarding "Slippery Rock" which is just below the bridge. We are hoping you can send along your stories of Slippery Rock to the Board of Selectmen at We look forward to your submissions!

September 24, 2015 - Volunteers will soon place one concrete bearing pad on each bank of the Tioga River behind the Belmont Mill. The pads will eventually sit beneath a covered bridge purchased for $1 from the city of Dover in 2013. Designed by H.E. Bergeron, of North Conway, the 150-foot bridge was erected in the 2000s before being discontinued and moved to Belmont.

Belmont chooses contractor for Winni Trail   Citizen 09/17/15


Belmont High Students join Legion Post Members in community project Union Leader 6/18/14
Adaptive Plans for Dover Bridge


On Friday, May 24th, members of the Belmont High School Class of 2013 helped clean up the bank of the Tioga River behind the Belmont Mill. 
Belmont High seniors help clean up bank of Tioga River  Daily Sun 5/25/13  
BHS seniors give back to the community  Winnisquam Echo 6/6/13

Volunteers assisted Leslie E. Roberts LLC to move a 154' wooden pedestrian bridge from Dover to Belmont.  The bridge "rested" in the Public Works lot over the first winter.  The first section was moved in 2015 and put in place to cross the Tioga River.
Covered pedestrian bridge delivered to new home in Belmont  Laconia Daily Sun 10/24/13 
Belmont residents welcome new addition to the Village  Winnisquam Echo 11/7/13

Before the move 
Moving Day 1   Moving Day 2    Moving Day 3    Moving Day 4 
Winter "rest"

Belmont Rail Spur Trail Bridge 4 Days Dover to Belmont!

In 2013, the Town purchased a covered pedestrian bridge from the City of Dover for $1. It was transported to Belmont by Leslie E. Roberts, LLC. 

Bridging the gap Citizen 10/24/13
Belmont officials hope new foot bridge will bolster revitalization project  Winni Echo 9/12/13
One Town's unused bridge is another Town's treasure  Union Leader 8/26/13
Dover to sell pedestrian bridge to Belmont for $1  Fosters 7/25/13
Bargain for a Buck: Belmont has offered to buy pedestrian bridge for $1  Fosters 6/29/13

2009 - 2012


This project was envisioned to be accessed by a new bridge over the river to connect the north and south sides and to provide walking and biking trails along the river to the Jeffrey Marden Town Forest and along Depot Street to tie into the regional Winnipesaukee River Trail in Tilton.

In November, 2009, the Selectmen authorized the Revitalization Committee to apply for a Land and Water Conservation Fund grant on behalf of the Town for the Pavilion and Riverwalk.  In October, 2010, the town contracted with Christopher Williams, AIA, to develop a cost estimate for the pavilion for the purposes of making grant application. 

Accessing the Jeffrey Marden Town Forest from the Village is one goal of the River Walk project.  The Town Forest is a 65 acre parcel located between Laconia Road, Wildlife Blvd, Main Street and Seavey Road.  This property was designated as a Town Forest by vote of Town Meeting under RSA 31:110.

Aerial - Staff2011 - Dick and Betty Persons of Gilford donated a 20ac parcel of land, the former Belmont-Tilton Branch of the Boston, Concord and Montreal Railroad, to be conserved and enjoyed by the residents of Belmont.  This parcel, which has an informal walking trail, will be linked will be an integral part of the Riverwalk to connect informal walking trail.

The value of a donated 20+Ac former Railroad bed served as the Town's match for a $89,000 grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund.  This grant supported the construction of the Tioga Pavilion and River Walk.

News from the Conservation Commission - 2011

In January, 2011, the Selectmen included a warrant article in the amount of $178,359 in order to appropriate the funds that would be received from the L&WCF grant.  Of this amount $90,000 would be offset by the anticipated grant and the balance of $88,359 is to be funded by in-kind donations of labor and materials.  The article was supported by the Budget Committee and ultimately adopted by Town Meeting.

Town is Awarded Land Water Conservation Fund Grant from the National Park Service

2012  The Town is excited to announce receipt of final approval of a Land Water Conservation Fund Grant from the National Park Service. The grant will be used to construct a pavilion next to the Belmont Mill and the River Walk planned along the Tioga River. Land for the River Walk was generously donated to the Town by Mr. & Mrs. Richard Persons in 2011.  The Town has been anxiously awaiting word on the grant since last fall.  Today's news was well worth the wait. The Town would like to thank all of the volunteers and staff who worked on this application and subsequent studies that were needed; their efforts are now being rewarded!  Work on the pavilion project can begin once the final report has been issued on the latest archaeological study.  Questions regarding the project can be forwarded to or by calling 267-8300.

Riverwalk Plans